About Me

From an early age, I have been fascinated by art and the creativity that stems from it. I was fortunate enough to get a start in photography because of my dad. He owned a little photo studio in Damascus. Our customers came to know about portfolio and wedding photography. With experience under his belt, he began to venture into landscapes and historical places. These were the days of black and white film.

Sometime later I received an opportunity to work at a jewelry shop. After getting enough experience I decided to open my own jewelry shop. Business was good and we were able to grow. 7 years had passed, and it was time to pursue my true passion.

I got introduced to Elias, He was a well-established artist with a specialty in copper. I began to shadow him to understand and to become competent in the steps of taking a blank canvas and turning it into a masterpiece.

I began experimenting with various solutions, and techniques to find my artistic style. 2009 rolled around and a concept came to mind. What if I take the landscapes and landmarks that are plentiful in Syria and emboss them onto the copper. At first, I would create pieces for me and my friends. Later on I met a tourism company and suggested they give their clients parting gifts when they leave back home. And so, a partnership was created.

Sadly, the Civil war in Syria started and I had to leave Syria. Now I call Calgary home. I have been featured in a couple of galleries including Studio C exhibition and the Collider. I am privileged to be invited to the collider contemporary residency.  I look forward to creating more art that will inspire.